Appointment Pointers


At FL Foot Health we’re all about helping patients get the best health care for their feet and ankles. One way you can do that is by making a visit to the foot doctor as productive as possible. Below are some tips you can use to make the most of your time with the podiatrist.

Pre-Appointment Prep

  • A little legwork before your appointment can save time and make sure nothing important is forgotten:

  • Make a list of questions you have about your condition or symptoms you are experiencing to go over with the podiatrist.

  • Gather all test results, x-rays or other imaging studies, lab tests and any other medical records that the foot doctor will need in assessing your condition.

  • Does your foot pain seem to be affected by exercise or activity? If yes, bring the shoes that you use for walking or working out with you to the appointment.

  • Have a list of all the medications and supplements you take to give to the podiatrist.

At the Podiatrist’s Office

  • During your visit, it’s important that you communicate effectively with the podiatrist:

  • Be sure to go over all the questions on your list.

  • Take notes about what the foot doctor tells you regarding your diagnosis and treatment plant.

  • Ask questions if you do not understand something the podiatrist tells you.

  • If medication is prescribed, make sure you are clear about the dosage and when to take it. Ask also if there are any side effects.

Nuts and Bolts

Although not directly related to your medical issues, a few practical pointers can make your office visit more pleasant:

  • Check with your insurance company to find out if you need a referral before going to your appointment.

  • Ask a family member or friend to go with you to your appointment if it will help you understand and remember what the foot doctor tells you.

  • Alert the office ahead of time if you have any special needs.

If you are experiencing foot pain but do not know a podiatrist in your area, our online directory can help you find one. To learn more about foot health, contact us.