6 Questions To Ask Before Foot Surgery


At Florida Foot Health, we know that most patients dread hearing that they need foot or ankle surgery. In some cases, however, it’s the only pathway to pain relief and the restoration of normal foot function. Your podiatrist will advise you of all your treatment options. Need to find a podiatrist in your area? Use our online directory.

Some common conditions that have surgical solutions include:

One of the best ways to reduce fear and anxiety surrounding surgery is by understanding just what the procedure and the aftermath entail and getting answers to all your questions. Below are some issues surrounding surgery that you will want to be informed about:

1.       Is the surgery outpatient or will it require a hospital stay? Many minor surgeries can be performed with local anesthesia right in the podiatrist’s office. Others can be done in outpatient facilities. Chances are, you will need someone to drive you home.

2.       What tests will I need to do prior to the surgery? If you have any chronic medical conditions, the podiatrist may also want to consult with your other physicians.

3.       How long will recovery take? It’s important that you clear your work and personal calendar to allow an adequate amount of time to fully recover from foot surgery. Resuming activities too soon can cause harm.

4.       Will I need any special equipment—scooter, braces, crutches, etc.—while I recuperate?

5.       How much pain can I expect post-surgery and what methods will be available to alleviate it?

6.       How long before I will be able to bear weight on the affected foot? If you will be non-weight bearing for a period of time, you may need to look at modifying your living space to eliminate stairs and long walks to get to bed, bathroom and kitchen.

Taking the time before surgery to adjust your home and work expectations and line up the help you need will make your recovery more comfortable and faster, as well as increase the chances of successful surgery. To learn more about common foot conditions and their treatments, contact us or subscribe to our free e-newsletter.