Good Nutrition for Your Feet


March is National Nutrition Month. At FL Foot Health, we encourage patients to take a total body approach to podiatric health. What you eat can have a significant impact- either positive or negative- on the condition of your feet. Below are some tips to help you eat right for the benefit of your feet.

Prevent Diseases that Harm Your Feet--diabetes, peripheral arterial disease, hypertension—these are all systemic diseases that can cause great harm to your feet. They are also all diseases where diet can play a key role in prevention and management. Keeping to appropriate sugar levels, avoiding foods that are high in saturated and trans fats and focusing on a balanced diet that gets your body all the nutrients it needs can go a long way to preventing these harmful diseases.

Promote Strong Bones—with nearly a quarter of all the bones in your body being in your feet, it’s obvious why bone strength is important to podiatric health. Be sure you are getting adequate amounts of calcium through dairy products, leafy green vegetables, and fish like sardines and canned salmon. Choose cereals, juices and other products that are fortified with calcium and vitamin D or take a supplement if your physician feels you are not getting enough from foods.

Decrease Pain Caused by Inflammation—the pain experienced with many common foot and ankle problems such as plantar fasciitis, arthritis, and sesamoiditis is due to inflammation. The foods you eat can increase or decrease the body’s inflammatory response. Fruits like strawberries, cherries and blueberries, olive oil, fish high in omega three fatty acids and certain nuts are a few examples of foods that can help decrease inflammation. Stay away from fried and processed foods and those high in sugar to avoid an inflammatory response in your body. Talk to your podiatrist to learn more. Don’t have a podiatrist? Our online directory can help you find one near you.

Avoid Gout—this arthritic condition that most commonly attacks the big toe joint has several known food triggers. If you are prone to gout, avoid red meat, shellfish, organ meats, red wine, brandy and beer.

At FL Foot Health, we want to educate patients so that they can be proactive about the health and care of their feet. To learn more, contact us and subscribe to our free e-newsletter.