Take Care of Your Feet as You Age

At FL Foot Health, we want patients to take the best care of their feet regardless of their age. May is Older Americans Month, and we’d like to take this opportunity to give some information about ways to care for senior feet and prevent foot problems.

Prevent Falls

Did you know that falls not only cause foot and ankle injuries but that they are the biggest cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries to elderly patients?

There are a number of ways to lower your risk of falls:

  • Do a walk-through of your home and remove loose rugs, small furniture and clutter in the paths where you walk.

  • Keep power cords, electrical cords and computer cables away from walkways.

  • Check your medications periodically with the pharmacist to make sure there are no interactions that can cause dizziness.

  • Stay current with eye exams.

  • Get foot pain checked out promptly by your foot doctor. Patients whose feet hurt are more likely to alter the way they walk which can cause a trip or fall. Need a podiatrist in your area? We can help you find one with our online directory.

Shoe Choice Matters

One of the biggest steps you can take to prevent foot disorders is to buy shoes that fit properly and are well-made. Get your feet measured to see if your foot size has grown—it’s not uncommon as you age. Avoid narrow styles and high heels. If your foot doctor prescribes an orthotic device, be sure to bring it with you when you try on new shoes. Don’t buy shoes that need “breaking in.” Shoes should feel comfortable from the moment you walk out of the store.

Develop a Good Foot Care Regimen

It doesn’t take a lot of time to take good care of your feet. A few simple steps:

  • Wash feet daily.

  • Trim nails straight across. Curved edges encourage ingrown nails.

  • Use an anti-fungal powder to keep feet dry and free from fungal infections.

  • Moisturize heels and skin each night to prevent dry skin and cracks.

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