What To Look for in New School Shoes


Here at FL Foot Health, we know that parents and children are getting ready for that annual excursion: back-to-school shopping. We believe strongly that your choice of footwear for your children can strongly impact the health of their feet and decrease the risk of injury. Below are some factors to consider.

Design—Although styles may vary, good shoes will include the following:

  • Strong, built-in arch support

  • Cushioned insole

  • Slip-resistant tread

  • Firm heel counter

Materials—Choose natural materials that allow feet to “breathe.” Plastics, vinyl and other similar materials hold in moisture which can lead to fungal infections.

Construction—Shoes should be well-made and sturdy. Run your hand around the inside of the shoe as well to makes sure there are no rough spots, loose stitching or unfinished edges.

Purpose—Your child should wear shoes that match their activities. A good pair of quality sneakers with the design features mentioned above are good for daily wear. If your child is serious about a sport, however, they should have shoes that are specifically made for the sport they play. Today’s sports shoes are designed to maximize comfort and safety for the type of movement required by a particular sport.

Fit—The best-made shoes in the world will hurt your child’s feet if they don’t fit properly. Have your child’s feet measured professionally. Be sure that there is wiggle room for toes and about a ½ inch of space between the longest toe and the front of the shoe. Tempting as it is, don’t buy shoes that are too big as this can lead to blisters and injury. Shop at the end of the day when feet are their largest and bring the type of socks that will be worn with the shoes you are purchasing. Have your child try on both shoes and spend a good amount of time walking around the store to make sure they are comfortable.

New shoes are an investment in your child’s podiatric health. To learn more about the best way to care for young feet, contact us.  We can help you find a podiatrist in your area – just click here.